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  1. Ok, files are moved to the .SyncArchive, but still this is not exactly the behaviour one would expect:-)
  2. Hi all, thanks a lot for developing this great app! I have an issue with SyncApp. Title: Do not consider all data in not accessible location as deleted and do not delete files on all synced devices Here is a user story if you prefer that: As a user who has a synced folder on an external drive I would like sync to be stopped for that folder if device is removed so that I do not loose my data on all other devices. This can be quite a big issue. I was only able to restore my data from the external drive when I connected it again. I was lucky that I still had it. How to reproduce: Precodition: 1. Synced folder is located on device Alpha on a hard drive 2. Synced folder is located on device Beta on an EXTERNAL hard drive 3. Devices have sync app running 3. Folders are completely synced using a secret (not the read-only one) Action: 1. Remove the external hard drive from the device Beta Expected: 1. Folder on device Beta is marked as not accessible 2. Sync is stopped for the folder on device Beta 3. Sync is stopped for this folder on device Alpha - just like if device Beta went offline Observed: 1. Folder on device Beta is marked as not accessible(OK) 2. Folder is cleared on device Alpha. Logs says "Beta removed file XXX". Data is lost(NOK) I think this must be quite easy to reproduce. Hope this helps.