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  1. Same problem I had in last version. UI is not showing. Window 8.1 x64. It used to work after the UI change, but now it doesn't work anymore.
  2. I noticed that sometimes BTSync stop sending files. It will act like connecting to send them, but the upload never moves from 0 Kbps. The .!sync files are created on the other computers, but that's it. Restarting BTSync fix the problem, but it's a little annoying to keep restarting it in order to work as it should. I noticed this behavior on two Windows 8 machines and a Synology DS214plus NAS. I'm using the latest version (1.3.94) in all of them.
  3. I don't know if it was alwasy this way or if it is a bug introduced from version 1.3, but the upload limit is being applied to local connections. I wish I could limit only internet connections. LAN bandwidth is abundant and I don't need to limit it.
  4. Please add different upload/download limits for local connections and internet connections. I don't need limits on my LAN. Thanks.
  5. I've upgraded to version 1.3.67 and I've noticed that BTSync is now following the upload limit to LAN peers. I may be wrong, but I remember the previous versions using the limit only for outside peers. It would be nice if the limits were applied only to connections to outside peers again. Or, at least, we should have different limits for LAN peers and outside peers.
  6. I noticed that Windows 8.1 does not sleep when it is idle and BitSync is running. powercfg /requests does not show anything
  7. Do BTSync support external USB drives? I couldn't find this information, but I guess it doesn't. Maybe when it doesn't find your USB drive it thinks you've excluded all the files, triggering this behavior.