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  1. Ok, I have now updated with Windows machine to V1.3.77 and everything has sprung into life. I don't know if my problem is solved or if it will stop again. It has been working fine for a couple of hours so is looking good. One comment. The old version on the Windows machine reported that it was the latest version when I hit the "Check Now" button in the advanced dialogue even when it wasn't. Don't know if this is rectified in a later version as I cannot test (it is up to date now). Thanks all for your time. I will close this item now and create a new one with correct version numbers sh
  2. I will give that a go but don't hold out much hope because it started to sync and then stopped which says to me that the machines are talking to each other, they are just not sending data. Also when in the Web UI / GUI both machines show a connection to the other machine which again would indicate some form of underlying connectivity. You will find the screen shots of the different client here: http://s4apps.com/btsync/ I have noticed despite clicking on the "Check for updates" button on the Windows machine that the GUI claims to be an older version. I will resolve that too.
  3. I have looked through the forum bit cannot find a solution to this. Your help appreciated. I have a Linux machine running Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS and btsync 1.3.67 and another machine running Windows 7 and btsync 1.3.67. The machines had a lot of data to sync so started off on a LAN, no problems, all worked like a dream. I then separated them so they now connect over the internet. They connect ok and recognise the data needs to be transferred but the data does not move from the Ubuntu machine to the Windows one. I have created another share between the machines and the data happily comes
  4. I had a similar problem. One machine was Linux the other Windows and it would get stuck at 70Mb left out of 50Gb. I tracked this down (file names in the Windows "sync.log" file) to me having files with the same name but differing case e.g. "DSC10.jpg" and "DSC10.JPG" in the same directory. Unix doesn't care about this but windows does. I resolved the naming problem and everything was fine.