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  1. Hi guys, While testing the functionalities of BTSync using an iPhone, I found no way of deleting the sync's (secrets) I had entered into the iOS app. I had created a few "temp" and "test" folders on my desktop, which were sync'ed to the iPhone as I entered the secrets for these folders. When I later added proper folders I wished to sync, I wanted to remove these "temp" and "test" folders from the iOS App, but found no way to do so: I had to remove the app altogether and start anew, entering the secrets again for the proper folders. Is this intensional, or is it an oversight in the app design? Brgds, NomenNescio
  2. Hi, I am trying to find out if BTSync is the right product for my needs: I have played around with the ReadOnly thing, but not really managed to get it to do what I need: If the centralized server I want to push data to, has a folder set as ReadOnly, the files at the local computer's folder won't get transfered. If the LocalComputer's folder is set as ReadOnly, any files pushed to the centralized server, will be deleted if removed at the local computer... My needs are to somehow transfer local files, to a centralized server, using one-way backup of the files. My wish is that the files are deleted on the local workstation, the copies which have been sent to the server, should not be deleted. Is this at all possible using BTSync? Brgds NomenNescio