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  1. I have installed 1.4 on Ubuntu and MacOS. On Ubuntu, I created a folder, shared the link by email. I clicked on the link from the Mac. On my Mac, it says the folder is "pending", and on Ubuntu it says "no peers".
  2. I confirm. I added a folder to my sync, my screen was completely taken over by notifications. I could not do anything with the computer for about 10 minutes, it was overwhelming. Notifications should be combined.
  3. If you are trying to woo away Dropbox customers, one of the features I use a lot in dropbox are direct links. Sometimes, I want to send a large file to someone. In Dropbox, I right-click, generate link, and send it to the user. I don't know and don't care if they are Dropbox customers, I know it will just work. Right this second I need to send something to someone, it's in my btsync folder. I don't want to share the whole folder with him. I don't want to convince him to install btsync. I just want him to get the file. So for now, I have to use 3rd party services to send it.