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  1. I think I have a idea, I try it and I post it if it works. Edit: No, it does not work, I tryed to enable webui on the android btsync. That's what I have expected, the webui is not included in the android app.
  2. I made a little bit of configuration (with iptables), the laptops respect my configuration. Now, I only have a problem with my Android devices, they use a relay server. I'm looking for a simple way to configure them to not use relay server.
  3. Hi everyone. Currently, I have two main computers that run BTSync : Magnet and Alpenglow. Magnet is a server I have on my local network and Alpenglow is a server hosted by Online. I have some sync between these two machines. Since Alpenglow does not use the synced data, all its sync are configurated with read-only keys. Around all that, I have three laptop (Windows XP and Ubuntu), a phone (Android) and a tablet (Android too). They have BTSync installed too. Since they can be held easylly everywhere, they connect to different wifi and 3G/3G+ networks, either the one where is Magnet, or any onthere one. What I want the mobile devices to connect only to "local" btsync peer: i.e. when they are on the local network, to Magnet, but not Alpenglow, and when they are elsewhere, only to Alpenglow, but not Magnet. Another thing, the mobile devices on local network should connect to each other (I can't do anything against that), but they can not connect to device which are not in local network. For all devices, I use the last distro-designed version. The type and number of device should not change, so I can to specific config to each device and I own them all, so I can do things as root or Administrator.