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  1. Minor bug If you have Windows client, and have the preferences tab selected, then click advanced and then you don't close the "Advanced Preferences" pop up window, then in the system tray right click on the BTSync icon, and select exit the icon disappears and the Adv Pref Popup goes to "Not Responding" and you have to do a force close on the window. It seems like some miscommunication between threads/processes, but I'm not too sure of the cause but you can replicate it. lvdata
  2. I am trying to set up a syc from a MAC server to a PC. On the mac side there are many names that fine for Mac users such as "File | Name", "File.lpt1" or the most common "File Name " with a trailing space. These files do NOT sync to the PC, but also there is no simple error message stating that the files can not be synced, either on the Mac or PC. Dropping illegal portions of the file name are ok on a read-only sync. On a bi-directional read-write sync there needs to be either file name update on the Mac side (ok) or a list of files on the PC that can't be synced(better). See for more info. Can this be added/changed? Thanks LvData