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  1. Can you try with lowercase "true"? the specification has the boolean values in lowercase, it was my mistake to capitalize it Of course, it is a Xubuntu 13.04, upgraded to 13.10 I have tested it on a light desktop running on TigerVNC, using Openbox+Tint2 Once I'm back at home I can test in on XFCE, and on the same desktop but running in a traditional DBus session
  2. I like both ways. Even if someone, just playing around, changes the username and password from the webUI, it would be only needed to relaunch btsync (btsync-starter) to override them again. PS. I could use a SSH tunnel to access the WebUI even if it is listening only on localhost ;D As I understand, Gnome uses some of the .desktop files specification functions in the context of autostart to achieve it's control panel functionality, in short: - A user .desktop autostart file with the same name as one global, overrides it - A .desktop file can have a OnlyShowIn=GNOME;XFCE;OTHER_DE configuration entry, which defines the desktop environments this app will autostart. - A .desktop file can have a NotShownIn=GNOME,LXDE;OTHER_DE configuration entry, wich defines the desktop environments this app willl NOT autostart. - A .desktop file can have a Hidden=True configuration entry, wich "enables" or "disables" the autostart of this file. So, generating the btsync.desktop file at ~/.config/autostart/btsync.desktop (or where applicable) and turning on and off using the Hidden key, would be enough. About the alpha, I just installed it, I like it. It feels more natural, and more like it's Windows counterpart. Working fine in a light desktop using Openbox+tint2
  3. Theres a use-case where having both the WebUI and the GUI may be useful: accessing your BTSync config from work throught internet to add a new shared folder with, let's say, your portable apps (to get them in sync). It would be overkill to launch a VNC server to access the GUI... If there is a way to disable the embedded web server, I would propose you to "clone" (and enhance?) the WebUI, and serve it yourself as a way to have control over the configuration of BTSync. It would be, in fact, another package (btsync-webui?) that can be launched independent but sharing the configuration files. For the autostart, you can use the XDG specifications, but for user (not global), usually on ~/.config/autostart/ http://standards.freedesktop.org/autostart-spec/autostart-spec-latest.html Regards
  4. One solution to problem of config files paths may be to not to move anything. Just check if ~/btsync.conf or ~/.btsync does exists. If they does, then use the old paths; if doesnt, use ~/.config/ You can attach this information to the deb to let the people who wants their config in the new location to move it manually, and let people who doesn't care to let it as is. Thanks.