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  1. Hey Sergey & Trombiggs - Can I confirm that the solution for this was to ensure that the .sync folder was not in the same folder that is being synced? I have: home/pi/desktop/btsync.exehome/pi/.syncmedia/SYNC/folderBeingSyncedOriginally .sync and btsync.exe were in the same folder (not the one being shared), but I dragged the .exe to the desktop. Still seeing these infinite (or interminably long) "Indexing". Could this just be the slower processor of the pi? Thanks for the help. Ben
  2. Found the solution - for me it came from updating BTSync on both computers. Grab the version here -
  3. Fantastic - thanks for the help on that. I'll post the same on Markus' thread. Hopefully the linux version will have an easier way of getting updated in the future. Ben
  4. Hey Harold - Both say that they are up to date. Windows has 1.1.82, Linux has 1.2.67, but it specifically says "up to date". Is that not the case? Thanks, Ben
  5. Hey Markus - I think I'm encountering the same issue. Did you ever find a solution? My linux box reports the connection (interestingly, the ip of the windows box, but not the name I entered in BTSync prefs), and the windows box does not report any connection. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I've hooked btsync onto a raspberry pi via this tutorial: I can successfully ping my windows laptop from the raspberry pi and visa-versa.The raspberry pi web gui shows that I am connected to the windows laptop and that files should be transferring.However, my windows laptop does not show that I am connected to the raspberry pi, and no files are being transferred.Any ideas? The initial search suggests that its a firewall issue, but being able to ping both ways sug