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  1. I have a membership site where users pay each month for access to some stock pictures I host/create on a webserver for them. For all the pictures they have access to, I want them to be able to sync them to their local computer using BT Sync. I'm not charging for BT Sync software itself, but they will be able to use it with my membership website as a perk to automatically keep their local files in sync with pictures available to them on my webserver, instead of them having to manually download them and add them to their local computer when new ones come available. Is this fine to use BT Sy
  2. Tested good, although didn't test with mobile network off. My main concern was the PC that has no internet connection getting updated files from mobile phone, and that tested fine. Thanks for you help.
  3. Thanks guys. Got it working on LAN only. When the RPi comes in hopefully I can get it configured to work with just Pi and phone, no router.
  4. Yes the Raspberry Pi will have a wifi adapter. I believe I can turn the Pi into a Wifi Router itself also. The phone would connect to the Pi Wifi Router. As long as the Pi and Phone both have local IPs on the same network, can they not work with BT Sync even without access to the Internet?
  5. Thanks for your response. I wanted to do this without an additional router. I want the Pi to act as a router, and also run BTSync. Have the mobile connect to the Pi only, and the Pi receive the most up to date versions of the synced folder from the phone.
  6. Will putting the BT Sync app on android device via Wifi work on LAN only? There will be no outside Internet access, only private LAN. If say a computer on that LAN has BT Sync, if Mobile App is connected via Wifi to same LAN, will it update or does it need Internet also?
  7. One is a raspberry pi that won't have internet access. The other is a mobile phone that has btsync installed on it. I want to have the Pi grab the files from the mobile phone. Is this possible with the Pi only? No router? I was thinking of setting up the Pi as an AP, and connecting the phone to it. Doesn't seem like BTsync will pass anything to it though. Any ideas how this could work? The Pi basically is somewhere where Internet isn't available. I want to bring my mobile phone to the Pi and have it sync up the files automagically. Thanks for any ideas! Any think this solution w
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. Basically I want to bring my Android phone near a Raspberry Pi (which won't have Internet available). I want my android phone to have been synced already via mobile data. Then when I bring it out to the Raspberry Pi, let's say in a cabin in the woods, it synces up the files to mirror those on my phone. Is there a better way besides how I am thinking? Mobile phone won't have PAN, and won't be rooted, and without wifi tether. My mobile phone will have Internet signal, but no Wifi in the cabin for the Raspberry pi to use. How can I get the two to talk and sync
  9. I am wondering if it's possible to sync with BlueTooth? I have a computer running BTsync which is connected to the Internet. I have an Andorid device that is set to sync with that computer. I have a third computer that will not have Internet connection, but I want to sync the files from my Android Device(which is connected to Internet) onto it via bluetooth. Is this possible? Thanks for any insight. I didn't see any docs on if Bluetooth even works for BTsync.