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  1. That sounds like Tahoe-LAFS:
  2. Sounds great! If I understand correctly, this could be the full bitsync-replacement of Dropbox. I'm very excited about this... Are you planning to go open source?
  3. Bingo! I just renamed the files with longest path and voila... syncing again. Thanks a lot, man! BTW, I didnt find a single line about this situation on logs from non-encrypted peers... very annoying.
  4. How would I know what path/file is that? It is encrypted! Is there any log in the non-encrypted peer that can help me to locate this file? Thanks!
  5. Is anybody else getting this issue when using encrypted secrets? (as first posted by @mothlike in the Developers forum at Im seeing exact same error. Using version 1.2.82. Any ideas?
  6. Same problem here. Using version 1.2.82. Any news on that?