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  1. The really do provide a great product. I also am willing to pay for software BUT i totally lost confidence in them after they have mislead on several occasions. The biggest one: "we do not keep track of your communication" Was I troubled when I received the following mail sometime ago? Hello,We recently compiled a list of our Sync API top 20 data movers and you're on the list! In all seriousness, I really hope you that Sync has made a difference in the way you move data. As others have mentioned. There are alternatives open sourced with nothing to hide. To bad as I really like Sync. /f
  2. Still is a problem. I'm using a multiple machine setup with OS X (10.8), Win32 and FreeBSD (9.1) all using 1.2.82. It keeps trying over and over again with the PostDownload error message. /f