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  1. Bad ethics. Bait and switch tactics are a sleasy way of doing business, so my answer is (actually was, since I just switched away from BT Sync) yes. Good bye BT Sync and hello Syncthing. It only took an hour to research and setup - so time well spent =)
  2. It does. I do have a number of sync folders on the machine, but there was nothing in them to sync. Yet the indexing goes all wonky. I should add that indexing breaks computer-wide (not only within the sync folders) I do - the file lock you refer to is something I too have experienced. I have since installed file unlocker utility that integrates with the OS so I don't have to resort to restarting the machine . That being said, there is no reason that Vista, however inept, should only be able to do its indexing without BitTorrent Sync. One more thing I noticed that I haven't reported earlier - I installed Dropbox and the same issue came back. I tried uninstalling Dropbox and it went away. It's interesting that two syncing programs cause the issue to come up. Also, the fact hat none of this was an issue for months. Then Windows issued an update and now both BT Sync and DropBox cause an issue. I tried reinstalling the OS, as I mentioned before, and everything worked just fine until the update installed itself
  3. About a month ago I noticed my PC started having indexing issues, which happened within a few days of installing BT Sync. Basically any time I open any window, the thumbnails won't load and the menu bars gets stuck with the green indexing bar never ending its indexing function: Yes, I tried restarting the computer (someone is bound to ask) I also went to various PC forums, and they recommend turning the indexing off (which I won't do because I have too many files and I can't lose the ability to search my documents fast). Aside from uninstalling BT Sync, no other recommended fixes worked. I thought perhaps it's the issue with another program that caused BT Sync to do this, so I tried installing Windows from scratch, but within a few days of installing BT Sync, the issue came back I uninstalled BT Sync again, restarted the computer and the issue is once again gone. Clearly the issue is being caused by the program, I hope there is an update that will fix this soon Vista Home Premium, SP2 BT Sync ver. 1.2.82