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  1. Your mileage may vary. You can love it and we can choose NOT to love it.
  2. Thanks but I have already gone back to 1.4. I won't completely bail to another software because I like the idea of bittorrent protocol so I'll keep checking back to see whats up. While that may work, the new methodology is too complex for most users and I don't want to have to do that on three or four machines. What happens in the event of a HD crash or new machine replacement? For the love of god go back to the way it was. It was simple and you didn't have to think about it. And.... while you are in there, add a button that allows you to exclude folders without having to muck about with hidden files.
  3. Well said - 2.0 is kind of a downer and in need of a serious rethink. I don't understand why the additional functionality couldn't have been added without completely changing the way the software works. Ive just downgraded to 1.4 where I will stay. I will be happy to try 2.5 or 3.0 when they put it back to its glorious self.
  4. Good morning - I have been noticing that my macbook (brand new) was taking a hell of a long time to reboot so I rebuilt it from scratch. Everything was fine and then I installed Sync 2.0. Macbook started taking forever to reboot AGAIN. I uninstalled 2.0 not because of the rebooting issue but because I don't like 2.0. I reinstalled 1.4 and guess what? Reboots like a champ again. Coinkydink? Maybe, but you guys might want to take a look see. OK - Again - not saying it is 2.0, and not saying it isn't 2.0, but... to me the entire machine seems considerably more responsive after the removal of 2.0. What the hell is it doing in the background?
  5. me too - thanks yeah - 2.0 goes way off the reservation - I'm uninstalling it and going back to 1.4.
  6. Yeah Thanks I'll give that a try - so this means that you can only have synced folders if they are in the default library? Who's idea was that? What if I want to sync two folders that aren't in the default location? Methinks I may be going back to 1.4 - Just tried that and it created a documents (1) folder. I'm probably doing it wrong, but I don't care and I don't like the way it works now. I'm going back to 1.4. It was simple and it worked.
  7. In sync 1.0 you used to share a folder, copy the key, paste the key in on the other machine and the two folders synced. Easy as pie. Either I'm being a total knuckle head or I am missing something in 2.0. I used to sync my entire documents folder from my macbook to my mac pro and my windows machine. This way all documents were in sync on all three machines. For the life of me, this new share thing works completely differently. I can get the sync to work, but now it puts it in the "default directory." I don't want it to copy the files to the default directory. I want it to sync the folders in place like they did before. What was wrong with that way? Can someone please explain to me how this might be accomplished? Thanks
  8. Hey guys - just wondering how does BT Sync deal with files that are actually layers of files. For instance if I make a 500b zip file and then add a file to the zip file is BTSync able to simply update the added file inside the archive or does it need to sync the whole file in its entirety? I am asking because I am considering using it to sync the iPhoto library (MAC) from one machine to another. This "library" is technically a folder acting like a file with all of the directories and photos inside of it. Will it realize that the files have changed and simply add or remove the files or will it copy the thole archive again? Thanks in advance.
  9. SOLVED: Here is info I received from support in case it helps someone else. Note that in 1.4. syncIgnore file was changed. Now it's .IgnoreList located in .sync folder. Thus the synignore file that you created didn't work. Please, do not create the syncignore file yourself, use the one that is generated by Sync. If Bob subfolder is located in the root of Documents folder and Documents is added to Sync, then you should just enter line Bob to Sync ignore and save it. Do it on both peers. After that please re-add the folder on both peer, since if Sync already indexed (and/or sycned) the subfolder, adding it to syncignore will not un-do it. Re-adding the folder will force Sync to re-index it with ignored items taken into account.
  10. OK - So, I put the .SyncIgnore at the root level of my HD. the folder I want to ignore is Microsoft User Data which is inside the documents folder. So Inside the file I should have /Users/MYUSERNAME/Documents/Microsoft User Data Is this correct? Thanks Again !
  11. Hi: Tried all I can find here but still can't figure it out the whole “.SyncIngore” thing. Can I please get someone to explain it to me like I’m a 2 year old? I am on a Mac using sync 1.4: Lets say I am syncing Document folder A to Document folder B. Inside both folders is a folder named Bob, which I want the sync to ignore, i.e, sync every folder inside Document folder A & Document folder B, but leave the Bob folder alone. From what I can tell, I create the UTF-8 file using wildcards. So I created a .SyncIgnore file with *.* as its only contents and placed the file inside the Bob folder. BTSync still syncs the Bob folder. How (exactly, step by step) do I get it to ignore the Bob folder? Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  12. Hi Folks: OK, love the new notifications, but not every 10 seconds. Yes, I could turn it off, but then whats the point? How about giving it the ability to notify you after say (have been able to sync for more than 24 hours) or something like that. I want to know when it can't sync for some reason, not that it is syncing every 10 seconds. I have 5 folders and my entire documents folder syncing between 3 computers so this is annoying as all heck. So like, BTsync (Unable to sync (FOLDER NAME) for (# of HOURS) For now, Turning it off.
  13. How do you edit the .SyncIgnore file on a mac?