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  1. After updating to 1.4.91 in both machines, and stopping and restarint the sync several times, it seems I've get rid of the problem. The thing is that I keep the 'Always check for updates to this version' in the advanced preferences, and it never was aware of a new version, no even when clicking in the 'Check now' button. Is that a bug? It is certain that 1.4 feels a bit unreliable (at least until now), but to me it has been a great update, especially regarding to the use of CPU resources (and then, to the impact on battery life for laptops).
  2. Same problem here, with all folders Read&Write between two macs in the same LAN. It starts syncing but after a while everything stops and reports an 'Out of sync' and a 'No peers online' in the UI. Any hints?
  3. Also it would be great to be able to specify some exceptions in the ignored paths, i.e. to specify a folder to be ignored except some few subfolders that would be included.
  4. I agree with @marktuna. The capability to simply negate a pattern in .SyncIgnore (doing like Git and its .gitignore) will be way simpler and more powerful.
  5. Why not doing like Git and its .gitignore and just include the capability to simply negate a pattern in .SyncIgnore?
  6. I'm currenty using 1.3.94 and I'm experiencing what it looks like some serious energy drain: Activity Monitor reporting an average "Energy Impact" of ~21. We're talking of ~190k archives weighing ~6GB. Any ideas?