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  1. I perfectly understand possible reasons and accept them, just a remark about how those rules feels.
  2. OMG link to syncthing that works on latest firmwares of WD My Cloud was moderated out. Very unfriendly especially given that btsync does not work there, well actually it is unfriendly in any circumstances.
  3. Aren't those users who skilled enough to use ssh are the early adopters and the core of your initial reputation? BTSync is very frustrating lately with issues like this, just bought a WD cloud since btsync did not work on Seagate Central before to find out that I can not use it on WD Cloud anymore and there is no support from your side and attitude gives no hope on such a support in future. Off to try how Syncthing will work out for me.
  4. Without opensource implementation open to general peer review talks about security are just a matter of trust, which by default is "do not trust corporations", are there any plans on releasing opensource version or protocol details so that somebody could implement a client?
  5. Are you considering opening btsync protocol, so that opensource implementations could arise? I see lack of open source clients as an quite important issue.
  6. @RomanZ about 20000 folders and 160000 files amounting to 1TB of data.
  7. btsync constantly shows (indexing...) status, is it ok, or this is a bug and you need a log for that? I worry about health of my hard drive.
  8. @RomanZ I have resolved this problem by setting checkbox to forbid local file changes in the folder option, it processed local files and continued syncing. As for log it got overriden by a new one, sorry.
  9. Sync stalls after update, it downloads couple of files on start then just showing data pending, I enabled logs and getting lots of messages like this: [2014-06-30 23:34:46] SyncFilesController: failed to load torrent for file "\\?\UNC\Seagate-music\Public\Music\All\As the Poets Affirm\As The Poets Affirm - 2004 - The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch\01 - Snow-White Wings in the Bottom.mp3" sync dir is on the mapped network drive.
  10. I have stumbled on another problem with case. Syncing directory between windows systems, and rename a file changing only case of some letters, when btsync stumbles on those renames it stops syncing those files.
  11. It looks like it doesn't work on seagate central, cause it gets killed right after launch, and this happens with any software that were not preinstalled.
  12. one more piece of information, cpu is arm 6, is your build for arm 6 or arm 7? ~# cat /proc/cpu /proc/cpu/ /proc/cpuinfo Seagate-music:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo Processor : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 4 (v6l) BogoMIPS : 279.34 Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp java CPU implementer : 0x41 CPU architecture: 7 CPU variant : 0x0 CPU part : 0xb02 CPU revision : 4 Hardware : Cavium Networks CNS3420 Validation Board
  13. It has 256Mb of ram, and it does not output anything except Killed
  14. Hi, I got exactly the same problem, were you able to fix this?