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  1. Thank you Helen, This sounds reasonable. I will post an update here for you to learn about it too. WR
  2. Hello, I have a lot of read only users on this one 1.4.111 seeding machine. Is there a way how I can migrate it to other hardware without having to re-add all users and them to delete and re-sync their stuff? Does anyone know about where I could look for a how-to regarding this topic? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, why isn't Perfect Forward Secrecy ( implemented yet? The discussions about this security feature are long enough ongoing to recognize fmpov. Regardsb
  4. +1 to IPv6 Support! How did you do that with tcpdump?
  5. Wow! Thank you both for completely answering my questions. One last question: Is BTSync itself ready for IPv6? Regards, brubaker
  6. Hi, I am running Debian Wheezy 32 bit on a VPS with a static IPv6 address. Apache2 without ssl is running and up as well as reachable from the outside via webbrowser. I can't figure out why the hack I can't access the http://[ipv6]:8888/gui webGUI from BTSync. Netstat -tulpn shows a running process and I dpkg-reconfigured it. Any hints? It there IPv6 support at all? What could I do if no native IPv6 support was build in to make it run? A native German tongue asking kindly, bru
  7. Hello nils, thank you for coming up with an solution. I will definitely take a look like you mentioned into it and coming back to verify or to neglect my "claim".
  8. It even still worked if I changed the full access key for some users to revoke access to other but hey, they nevertheless they "all" got the files. Please see my thread:
  9. Hello! first things first: Thank you very much for BTsync! I really love it and use it privately more and more! Now my "problem" (I searched for "renew" and "revoke" in this forum already): I have a bunch of people with read-only access to files. One of them must be removed for reasons. I re-generated a new Full access secret and distributed new r/o keys to all the others. But it seems to me the person I want to be excluded is still getting traffic?! Any hints to this BTsync behavior? Any help is appreciated! Warm regards from Germany Happy X-Mas! brubaker