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  1. kreischweide, does the x86 package work correctly on that NAS? I think you're correct that "Most consumer grade QNAP systems work with the x86 packages only". I think it is only the higher end QNAP NAS supporting > 4 GB of RAM which will work with the x86_64 package.
  2. Thank you for reporting Alex. I've pulled the qoriq build form the KB article until we determine the possibility of a fix for qoriq.
  3. Updated packages for 2.0.85 for QNAP have been posted: If you already installed 2.0.85, please re-install with the latest package. This should resolve the issues having to do with 2.0 folders not being synced. If the x86_64 QNAP packages are still not starting - can someone please SSH in to the NAS as admin, and send me the results of running the commands "/etc/init.d/ stop" and "/etc/init.d/ start"?
  4. The Synology package uses the glibc23 binary, so no worries on Synology being overlooked. You should try the 2.0.85 below. @All - Download links for 2.0.85 for Synology have been updated: This should resolve the issue where 2.0 folders were not syncing. If you already installed 2.0.85, please re-install with this latest version. If anyone can confirm that the issue is resolved for avotron, bromolow, cedarview, or evansport - this would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for testing! With the release of Sync 2.0, the latest resource for installing Sync on your Drobo is available on the help site.
  6. Howdy MrTorrent, I'm guessing that you were upgrading an existing install from 1.4? Are there any messages within the NAS's notification area? If you're able to SSH in to the NAS as admin, what are the results of running the command "/etc/init.d/ stop" and "/etc/init.d/ start"? Thanks, Richard
  7. progers885, > why not just do it for those who have already... We can't justify the extra engineering and maintenance costs for a specially built binary just for these users; especially when our efforts are so focused on Sync 2.0. While "not terribly difficult" it's still no small amount of work. We do regularly review our options for NAS; and as soon as the support for applications on the single drive My Cloud improves I suspect it'll be a forerunning option. studdmufin, > So am i correct in saying that you guys are working on getting it into the WD app store for the ex2/ex4
  8. Mogarick, unfortunately we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think there may have been some confusion in conveying what we will support because "My Cloud" is a term which applies to multiple products: some of which we hope to support and some which we are unable to support. That Sync worked sideloaded on the single drive My Cloud when it first shipped, and that a later firmware update broke compatibility for all sideloaded applications is certainly frustrating for all of us. For the single drive My Cloud, it falls into the category of unable to support largely for two reasons: La
  9. There are currently no plans to support the single drive WD My Cloud when 2.0 launches. We are only packaging Sync for NAS which have an app store. With the current firmware (v04.01.02-417) for the single drive WD My Cloud, there is no app store. WD does have an app store for the EX2 and EX4 My Cloud and we have worked on packages for these two models. We do hope to release packages of Sync 2.0 for the EX2/EX4 when 2.0 launches.
  10. Howdy! We're seeking some testers for the Drobo package we've been working on. This package is based on 1.4.103. It is likely that this package will not be updated until 2.0 launches. This package is only intended for the Drobo 5N. NOTE: The contents of this Sync folder are 1.4.103. For 2.0, please see: Sync Key for folder containing this package: BH5W76CXL2LNBPA6FRTC622WIVAWRXUAR If you're on Windows/Mac, you can add this Sync Key with the "Enter a key..." drop down.Screenshot: You'll
  11. I've updated the Sync folder in the first post to contain packages for alpine, armada375, avoton, and x64. This should cover the newer model Synology NAS. Please let me know if there are any issues with these new packages. Again, you can enter this key from the "Enter a key..." drop down menu item: BYD2RWABB66V5EBYSNSCBYGDZR2JNHN5T A note on DS414j support - as forum users are reporting that the arm build isn't working out-of-the-box - I am not yet packaging for comcerto2k. As it may be a while before I can work on the comcerto2k issues, folks with this NAS can reference this forum po
  12. Howdy, sorry for the delay. I was occupied with work to get done before the holidays and am now visiting with my family. I am on PTO until the 6th of January so my replies will be sporadic until at least then. > Any plan to release BTSync for DS415+ (Intel Atom C2538, avoton package)? I'm not sure that a package specific for that chip is necessary? Does the x86 package not work? (Unfortunately I don't have this hardware to test myself). > But is there any chance you can look into how to activate synoindex and maybe, possibly, adapt Bittorrent Sync to work accordingly? In referenc
  13. Howdy, I've created a post asking for feedback on some official Synology packages of Sync. As I don't have a DS414j, would you please try the packages I've posted to see if they even install on the 414j? If the builds I have don't install on the 414j, please let me know in that thread and I'll get to making a package specifically for the 414j.
  14. UPDATE: Thanks for testing. With the launch of Sync 2.0, please see for the latest on installing Synology on your NAS. Howdy! We're seeking testers for the Synology packages we've been working on. It's a stripped down version of the Synocommunity package that is hopefully easier for a user to configure. I only have a DS214 in the lab so I've only been able to test the ArmadaXP package myself. Before we make these packages more generally available we'd appreciate some feedback; especially for the non-ArmadaXP packages.
  15. The change log should be that of the differences between 1.3 and 1.4, as this is the first 1.4 release on Netgear. I'm sorry to say that I do not know of a good place to point you to for that general change log. Offhand, the main difference between 1.3 and 1.4 is that Sync Links are now the preferred method of sharing a Sync folder instead of the Secret Key. Along with this are fairly significant changes to the look and feel of the WebUI. The only NAS specific changes have to do with fixing a bug with the settings for "device name" and "listening port" not being saved between restarts.
  16. The ReadyNAS App Store has been recently updated to Sync version 1.4.77
  17. Howdy Cornholio, The easiest method to backup your camera roll to your NAS is to share the Sync Link or Sync Key for the camera backup folder on your mobile device to your NAS. On your NAS Sync WebUI, the button next to the "Add Folder" button is "Enter a key or link". You should copy/paste the Sync Link/Key generated from your mobile device in to this dialog of the WebUI. You will then be able to specify where on your NAS you would like to put the backup folder.
  18. teoky, I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish with the group "btsync". This is not a user or group created by the official BitTorrent QNAP package. Are you following some how-to/tutorial? On QNAP we run Sync under the "admin" user and so all files/folders will be owned by "admin". I am not aware of any way to change the default permissions for new files. What are you trying to accomplish? This way we may investigate other solutions.
  19. Howdy Spacemarine, Unfortunately I am not aware of any comparative reviews of Sync performance across different NAS and so I do not have any hard numbers available. However, if performance is your concern I would err on purchasing a NAS with an x86 processor. In general, I have seen much better performance with Sync on x86 hardware than with ARM. Both Netgear and QNAP have x86 based NAS with official packages for Sync available in their NAS app stores. To establish an upper bounds you could look at some file transfer performance tests for various NAS. If the NAS is not capable of satu
  20. Howdy Dean, The .SyncArchive folder is located within the folder added to Sync. If you have the folder connected to Sync available through Samba/AFP, than means you should have the Sync folder available on your PC through Windows File Explorer or Mac's Because the SyncArchive folder is prefixed with a "." it will be hidden by your file browser. To show hidden files/folders on Windows you can follow this guide: For Mac: With hi
  21. Howdy Ulli, I'm the Sync team member responsible for packaging Sync for NAS. Thank you for this bug report. I am able to reproduce what you describe with the devices in our lab. This bug has been brought in to the work queue for the next week. I'd hope to have an updated build delivered to Netgear before this coming Wednesday. Do note that it takes a handful of days for the package to go live after delivery. As a result, it may be between a week or two before it's live in their App store. If you would like to workaround this on your own, you can SSH in to the device and modify the sync