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  1. 2.5.8 corrected a problem on some of my Win 10 machines. Sync would loop, consuming one core, on resume from sleep. This is corrected on 2.5.8.
  2. Two Win 7 computers; one with 1.4.93 and one with 2.0.85. The upgrade to 2.0.85 seemed to go correctly and all synced folder appeared as "1.4". Two problems I don't think I've seen addressed: 1) On 2.0, the 1.4 folders are marked Read Only and are acting like Read Only - files only sync from 1.4 to 2.0. (Note: I'm using my own secrets based on generated secrets but longer than 20 characters.) I cannot find a way on 2.0 to change this from R/O. Note that on 1.4 these were R/W folders with the R/W key in place. BTW, when I hover over the folder, the hover text shows "Read & Write - Classic Folder." When I right click and Share, it shows as Read Only and Read & Write is greyed out. 2) When I try to add a 1.4 folder (using the Shift method), I cannot change the key to the old 1.4 key. There seems to be no way to get to the Update Key that shows in 1.4. I hope I'm just missing something simple!
  3. I have both Win 7 and Win 8.1 laptops successfully sleeping with "folder_rescan_interval" default of 600. My sleep times are all longer than 10 minutes. BTS is pretty chatty over the net - perhaps you don't have power management enabled on your network cards? Maybe worth seeing what powercgf says is keeping you awake.
  4. I just tested this again in a more limited way than you: 20 folders, within another folder, each folder containing several files. It was fully successful. BTS 1.2.82 Win 7 current MS patches I added the folders to the main folder and after sync started, I put one machine to sleep. I began renaming folders. I renamed 4 sub folders and the top folder. I waited until BTS had lost the sleeping device in the Devices tab. I woke up the second computer. Files completed sync, folders were correctly renamed and nothing was in .syncarchive. (I have had problems with getting a successful sync on a much larger folder - 25 GB, 15K files. I eventually removed the sync, did chkdsk on both computers, recopied the files from one (known good) source to the second machine, made sure .syncignore was the same, reestablished sync and it has all been good. I had initially synced these with an earlier release of BTS, without a clean copy beforehand. I'm not sure what was not working but it has all settled down now - across 4 machines with various sleep and awake times.)
  5. I've tested the scenario you describe between 2 Win 7 computers running BTS 1.2.82. It works perfectly without any data transfer or files put into .SyncArchive. When computer B wakes up, the renaming is accomplished correctly.
  6. Gnarf on 17 November 2013 - 12:05 PM said (among other things): "* Remember the settings when upgrading to a new version (install dir, no shortcuts, startup etc.)" Yes, please!
  7. I am using BTS in this way now on multiple Win 7 & Win 8 machines. One user always logged in to do most of the syncing. Other users in and out as they need. I have also tested but not put into "production" multiple Win users running BTS each syncing different secrets (folders). It worked. Another Phil!