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  1. PLEASE add compression for the network traffic. I have gigabytes of data that will compress down to the 10th of the size (or more), but I cannot compress them on-disk as they need to be left uncompressed so they can be used day-to-day. Uploading a few hundred megs is ok. Uploading gigabytes is a huge jump in size, kills my quota and the network here is slow. Dropbox handles it with ease. Bittorrent takes days.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Regarding the idle traffic, is the tracker server contacted frequently? And it seems to chatter with the other nodes quite a lot. I was expecting them to talk only when they had something new to say!
  3. Hi. I'm on 1.2.82, Linux. What is the maximum number of shares that BTSync can handle? I have about 20 different folders shared, and something seemed to get stuck, it was refusing to let new shares sync. The log showed it was watching the folder for changes, but it wasn't broadcasting for peers or anything like that. I removed a bunch of shares and then it seemed to get 'unstuck'. I readded some of the shares, it seemed to be ok, except when I added two at a time and then it didn't seem to start syncing the first one I added, until I removed and re-added it. I added another two at a t