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  1. I have updated to 1.4.93 and am seeing a similar issue. RomanZ, I have sent the requested data. Thanks, Matt
  2. Roman, Do you want my program data too? You can read my symptoms earlier in the thread.
  3. A known issue. Check that thread to see if one of the solutions there helps you For me, I have not had any luck with any of the given solutions yet
  4. Thanks! I will keep my fingers crossed for a future version
  5. How are you using headless for windows? I did not know that was possible? EDIT: Ok from the update thread Dang it, but what if I need to use headless and I have a newer IE version? Do we have a workaround?
  6. Just installed the latest 1.4 minor update and I am still seeing this issue. Dang... I have tried to clear all IE data. I have tried a reinstall and clearing the Bittorrent Sync application data in the Roaming folder. Still no luck I am looking at doing a repair install of IE11 now, it looks complicated though.
  7. +1 Seeing a blank page after I upgrade. I am using Windows 7 enterprise with IE 11 behind a corporate firewall. I have tried resetting security but no dice. Also tried a reinstall. Everything worked fine before. I used a vpn to direct connect to peers at home with 1.3 and was looking forward to using the proxy feature in 1.4. But i cannot configure it now. Also + 1 for all of those complaining about 1.4 relying on IE. I recongnize this problem is likely due to IE. What a terrible piece of software to depend on. If we are going to use a web interface we might as well be able to use whatever b
  8. +1 This software is already almost perfect this feature would make it perfect Right click -> Generate Subsecret Or something as such
  9. Just hooked up my own cloud "dropbox" using an external HDD and a raspberry pi. Its working great so far! My simple wish list, to make it even better: 1. SOCKs Proxy support 2. Ability to sync just subfolders of secrets, without creating a clever directory of secrets