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  1. I'm seeing the same issue. Is there no workaround? Any plans to allow Windows to suspend when there's no BTSync activity?
  2. I'm syncing from my Windows laptop to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc. The BitTorrent Sync web UI says I'm getting between 1 and 1.1 Mbyte/sec downstream. I don't need blazing speed, so it's good enough for me. But yeah, surprising that it's not faster.
  3. I just moved a large subfolder (~100GB) of one of my sync folders and was surprised that sync wasn't faster. The second instance of BTSync moved its copy of the files from the old location to .SyncArchive and then started slowly syncing them to the new location as if they were freshly created. Can file moves be optimized in the future? I thought that each node would know the hashes of all of its files, and would be able to link or copy to the new location without a network transfer.