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  1. I have 2.0.81-1 installed on a DS1511+ but nothing is syncing. Units are linked, folders are shared peers are online but nothing is transferring. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Same thing for me. I have the package installed. Devices are Linked, Folders are shared, nothing transfers. Have not gone Pro because i can't get the trial to work and running out of time on the trial. grrrr I keep reading that you need to approve the link but i think that is only for invitations that are sent out not for manually entered keys. Any one agree with that or do you have to approve a manually entered key as well. If so then how do you do that? I find the terminology frustrating and trying to share folders is more confusing than it needs to be IMO. It would be nice to have the name of each device show up in the header of the sync GUI interface so when using remote access you could keep straight what machine you were looking at. I think there is something here but as SNL was in the beginning "not ready for prime-time players" yet. Synology DS1511+ Running version 5 update 3 and Bitsync 2.0.81-1
  3. My windows install crashed and I had to install fresh. In the process I had to re-install Bit-torrent Sync. I have a massive amount of data that has been previously synced and exists on both of my Synology NAS units. The syn is controled by the Windows machine that crashed and a machine at my office. I would like to be able to resume the previous sync but when i tried i got conflict files being created. Is there a way to avoid this and not re transfer all of my data?
  4. Harold Thanks for the tip on the ~$ in the .syncignore file. Now my syncs are finishing.
  5. I am having the endless indexing issue as well. I have files that are created in directories on the source drive that all start with ~$**** these are the files that show up in the transfer window for a second then dissapear. These files are what seems to be causing the loop the same file will appear, not sync, the reappear over and over again. The original file that was edited without the ~$ ahead of the file name are in the folder as well. The only way i have been able to get the sync to work is to delete the file with the ~$ ahead of the file name. Then the sync will finish and show up as fully synced. These files seem to be originating from Word and Excel. I have made the changes suggested on a forum regarding eliminating the creation of these files. Does anyone have any other suggestions. C