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  1. Around 20 folders are shared between the two computers. I have four machines running btsync: two Debian laptops, an iMac desktop, and my phone. I'll check out the server version, thanks a lot. The upcoming features sound very good. Keep up the good work!
  2. Nice job on the GUI application! It works fine on one of my machines, but on my netbook (1 GB RAM, Atom CPU), the UI is unresponsive once opened. It also makes the computer run hot and pushes the CPU to 100% while running. Both run Debian stable with Openbox. I understand it's in alpha but I figured it wouldn't hurt to put that information out there. The web UI doesn't accept my credentials either. I'll look at the other thread because I remember some folks had credentials trouble recently. Sorry, took a look at the first page and fixed that. Question: is it still possible to run btsync in headless mode after installing btsync-gui?
  3. OK, even though I had restarted my machine since the upgrade, doing a manual 'btsync restart' fixed the issue, whatever it was. Sorry for the false alarm, and thanks very much for your response and for your work on this project.
  4. The latest upgrade of btsync-user on Wheezy seems to have broken the web UI on my machine. The app indiciator menu says "Couldn't connect to Bittorrent Sync at", and my browser comes up with nothing when I attempt to access it as well. btsync seems to still be working fine behind the scenes, however. Any clues?
  5. Registered just to +1 for OpenBSD. Thank you devs for the FreeBSD port.