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  1. Hello Team and all, I'm blind myself and using a so called Screenreader to work with my PC. When I work with the new UI (since 1.4) there are some Problems, that could be solved easyly, I think. In the Navigation section there are four buttons add folder unlabeled 0 unlabeled 1 and unlabeled 2 I think there should be a Kind of alt-tag which can be set to make the meaning of each of them clear - I think the unlabeled 2 one is to get to the Settings. Next Problem is the hover (MouseOver) functionality. I can simulate a mouse over, e.g. over a Folder Name,but I only see the share folder link, no "preferences" or "remove" or anything. Are they maybe displayed as grafics (no alt=-tag)? Any help is much apreciated. I'm a Computer scientist myself and are willing to test any suggestions you may make. Best regards Marco (wandogau)
  2. Hello, first start of great Sync 2.0 and a big Problem: PC1 has a Folder e:\install PC2 has a Folder d:\install both was synced with 1.3.x before. Okay, I created the link on PC1, transfered it to PC2, and the Folder add Screen starts. Now I have to locate the Folder to save files. Standard is c:\users\name\bittorrent sync\install which is Logical. Now my Problem. I pressed the Change button and selected the install Folder on drive d, with the result of d:\install\install Okay, I thought, take only d: as the start Folder and the result is d:\\install which is wrong too. What have I done wrong? Both PC's are running Win7-64. If I try to click on connect button a foldererror205 came up. Best regards Marco