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  1. Hello Team and all, I'm blind myself and using a so called Screenreader to work with my PC. When I work with the new UI (since 1.4) there are some Problems, that could be solved easyly, I think. In the Navigation section there are four buttons add folder unlabeled 0 unlabeled 1 and unlabeled 2 I think there should be a Kind of alt-tag which can be set to make the meaning of each of them clear - I think the unlabeled 2 one is to get to the Settings. Next Problem is the hover (MouseOver) functionality. I can simulate a mouse over, e.g. over a Folder Name,but I only see the share folder link, no "preferences" or "remove" or anything. Are they maybe displayed as grafics (no alt=-tag)? Any help is much apreciated. I'm a Computer scientist myself and are willing to test any suggestions you may make. Best regards Marco (wandogau)
  2. Hello, first start of great Sync 2.0 and a big Problem: PC1 has a Folder e:\install PC2 has a Folder d:\install both was synced with 1.3.x before. Okay, I created the link on PC1, transfered it to PC2, and the Folder add Screen starts. Now I have to locate the Folder to save files. Standard is c:\users\name\bittorrent sync\install which is Logical. Now my Problem. I pressed the Change button and selected the install Folder on drive d, with the result of d:\install\install Okay, I thought, take only d: as the start Folder and the result is d:\\install which is wrong too. What have I done wrong? Both PC's are running Win7-64. If I try to click on connect button a foldererror205 came up. Best regards Marco
  3. Hello, let me thank you for the ability to Switch between the Tabs of the Windows program by using ctrl+tab. This Feature is not documented, but it works with 1.3.77 now! great! Best regards - Wandogau
  4. Hello, Same Problem here. Two machines, both Win7-64. Updated the first from 1.2.91 to 1.3.67, after two hours the second, 1.2.91 to 1.3.67. Some hours later I saw, that, in one share, many files were deleted on both PC's, I'm lucky, they are in .syncarchiv of one of the machines. I have no idea why this happends, all files were on normal hard drives and, as far as I know, they are normal media-files. Best regards Marco
  5. Hello, Bittorrent Sync can be used by visually impaiered People very good (talking about the Windows Version). There are only two Little things which would make it easier for someone who's blind, to Access the control Panel: 1. a keystroke to Change the TabSheets in the main window 2. it would be nice, if you can Chose wether to Display the symbols for the Connection as a graphic or as a combination of letters. with best regards marco