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  1. The two Macs are plugged into the same Ethernet wall jack and are one number off on their LAN IP. Transfers are occurring between the two, albeit at a crawl. The screenshot shows that I've disabled use of a relay server, because 1) I don't think there's any reason to traverse our gateway and 2) otherwise all sorts of alarms go off on my IT staff's monitoring software because it sees a bittorrent exiting the gateway. They are large MOV files (> 1GB). Running OS X 10.9 and BT Sync 1.4.111.
  2. We are trying to sync two Macs across a Gigabit wired LAN. Here are the settings. Not sure why we are maxing out at 160 KB/sec?? I've tried disabling encryption-over-LAN. Any other suggestions?
  3. Is it now impossible to backup the camera on my iPhone to a computer running the 1.3 client? It only allows you to send a GetSync URL, not the actual secret. I derived the secret by installing 1.4 on another machine and beginning Sync, but when I attempted to add that secret to the 1.3 client on the other machine, I got 'You don't have permissions to share part of a read-only-folder'. Very strange. I tried it again but pointed it to a different folder on a different drive and it worked. Any idea what that error msg was about?
  4. I upgraded to 1.4 on all my Windows machines. Not really working that well. My Win7 machine is prone to Not Responding and often shows slow script error messages. How can I revert to 1.3 while preserving my shares? I appreciate all the new indicators and features added to 1.4, but I think the move to an encapsulated web GUI is a bad move. The app used to be very tight and lean. Now the graphical footprint is unnecessarily larger, with bigger fonts and too much spacing in between.
  5. I had BT Sync running great on my FreeBSD server for a while. Something choked it up at some point and it wasn't syncing anything. So I killed the process. Ever since, if I try to restart it, it claims it has, but then there is no sign of it when i run ps. /usr/local/sbin/btsync --config /etc/btsync.conf BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 12814 ps auwx | grep sync root 12871 0.0 0.0 3496 1016 7 S+ 5:15PM 0:00.00 grep sync ps auwx | grep 12814 root 12888 0.0 0.0 3496 1016 7 S+ 5:16PM 0:00.00 grep 12814 I tried clearing out /var/run/btsync of an
  6. (Forgive any goofiness in the wording of this post. I just wrote this up for a class I'm taking and just felt like cutting-and-pasting) I work as a Graphics Designer at a 24-hour TV station. But with my past IT background, I often consult on IT projects that directly concern our department. As we started to plan a full rebranding of our station, including redesign of all graphics and animations, we had to deploy new design workstations and implement new ways of organizing and storing project data. We received four workstations, each with a 6TB storage volume in a striped RAID-0 configurati
  7. First off, I tried to search for my topic by simply searching 'BSD' in the forum first and I got: "The following search terms are not allowed and were removed from your query: bsd" Weird. I installed btsync on my FreeBSD server and it all seemed to be working well at first glance. But it seems that any file or folder originally created within a sync folder *on* the FreeBSD server does not get synced to the other peers. If the other peers (Windows box, and Android phone) create files in the synced folder on their end, it replicates to the FreeBSD (and between the other peers) just fine