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  1. I've come to realise that this _could_ be due to the fact that I already have a large folder currently Indexing on pi1. Can BTSync only Index one file share at a time?
  2. hi all, I've set up BitTorrent Sync on two raspberry pi's -- I created a shared folder on pi1, the folder has some files in, normal sorts of stuff, text files, png, wav, etc. But the interface is just showing 0 B in 0 files. I put the key into a new shared folder on pi2 and nothing happens. I tried editing some of the files on pi1 to see if it would 'force' btsync to reindex, no luck. The strange thing is, I put the same key into a new shared folder on my mac and drop an image into the empty folder and it propagates the file to the pis. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is th