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  1. @ctismer: Totally agree that there should only be one wrapper. That's why I replied to @sirphilip above. When I started to write my wrapper the only option available was the one by Kevin. I decided not to use his wrapper because he would rely on the /gui/ which seems like a fragile implementation. From the time stamps looks like he wrote it before the API was available. So Kudos to him. @tuxpoldo: Why having imports is a problem? All imports are from the standard library except for requests. If you can show me a reliable reference saying that "way to much imports" is a problem I would be glad. Also, yes, the wrapper I started does more then just "wrapping" the rest interface. It basically enables people to use sync as a protocol and not as an application. This was a requirement for me, if it is not a requirement for you, you can just disregard that part of the code. When using a python library do you need to use every single function of it? I guess not... -------------------------------------- I really don't care about the which is better discussion, or why someone's code is better than someone else's code. The sync API is dead simple, a thin wrapper for it is 4 lines of code per function (pack url, request is, unpack json). Anyone who comes up with a reliable and feature rich implementation will have my full support. At the moment I will have to keep using my code, because from all implementations it seems to be the only one that treats sync as a protocol and not as as desktop application. I have been using my module for server deployments and it is a blast. I just need to run a python script and it will do everything I need: download sync, download all files I need, keep files and sync updated. I have also been testing using my wrapper to deploy windows installers which would do the same. Download sync, download the application and shutdown sync. As I said, I don't see sync as an application, but as a protocol (just like rsync). If someone comes up with a module that does what I need I will be happy to use it. It will be one less thing I need to maintain by myself. On the other hand if you find my code useful, you are welcome to contribute.
  2. Tried to reproduce this today and it seems to be fixed. At least it does not happen on windows.
  3. @sirphilip I have been working on the same thing for almost 2 months now, but I did not have the time to put it on github. Now you can find my code here: It implements most of the documented API functions and has some other niceties too. For example if you dont have the btsync executable installed the script will download it and set everything. I still have to document most of the code, but since it feels like you are interested in using python too, maybe we could work on it together? Cheers, tmac
  4. In the GUI there is a "Restore modified files to original version" option. Where can I find it in the API?