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  1. A donation model might work better than subscription at the end of the day. You would be surprised. But now, it's obviously too late after the trust is all gone.
  2. Your logic seems to make sense. One pays for the "ability" to share over the internet and you need to pay to maintain that ability. Just like cell phone service, you pay a monthly fee to be able to talk over the phone. The same as the mailing service. One can subscribe to UPS or Fedex to have unlimited service. Or if one can subscribe to New York Times to read news, as long as he/she pays. However following this logic, if Microsoft or Apple charges a subscription fee for the operation system or even the computer you are using, every year, and if you stop paying the fee, you can't get back to your desktop anymore, do you think it's fair? The critical difference here is that for the subscription model, you either "rent" or "lease" the product like mailing or phone survice, because they *OWN* the infrastructure (trucks, planes, signal towers etc), or you subscribe to get *NEW* stuff in every period like a newspaper subscription. For Microsoft Windows, once it's written, and you buy it, you OWN it like a hammer you buy from a hardware store, and you can use it as long as you want. Dropbox runs on subscription model because the users use Dropbox server to store and version their files. That's called "rental"! And people are will to pay for that *service*. If btsync wants to charge subscription fee, provide storage and versioning, and confront Dropbox! Does btsync own any infranstructure over the internet, or does it provide new information to us that we need to know every year? I was a casual and occational user of Adobe software, and I will never buy a subscription to such an expensive software. I have switched to simpler and free alternatives, ie GIMP and inkscape.
  3. I am running 1.4.111 on win7, syncing with two linux machines. The two linux machines can sync just fine, but the win7 constantly shows "out-of-sync". I don't remember having this out-of-sync issue across platforms at all a while back for the earlier versions. Now, this makes me think: - Early version: no "out-of-sync" issue at all; - Recent updated free beta version: "O-O-S" issue made it essentially unusable; - The for-fee 2.0 version claims to have a new core and completely fixed this problem; - It is super annoying to downgrade from 2.0 to the beta version. If I am a believer of conspiracy theory, I would think btsync intentially planted the OOS bug in the recent free version to push people to pay for the 2.0 version. I hope I was wrong.
  4. People complained not because they saw the word "beta", but because of the bugs here and there. If the final release is this buggy, people will have much less tolerance to bugs and start spread bad words instead of asking for help here.
  5. Will this action on one client cause massive deletion on all other clients?
  6. Hi, I am using btsync 1.4.110 under ubuntu, syncing about 150G of work data between a few computers. I noticed (once again) that when I do a cut-paste on one computer, instead of repeating the action, btsync uploads all the moved data to other clients. This is a waste of network resource, and a potential hit on the HDDs, especially in my case where hundreds of thouthands of small data files are moved. Is there a way to track actions such as cut-paste in btsync? I know dropbox can do that... Thanks - y
  7. Just last month I was still stuggling with the "out-of-sync" issue and almost abandonded btsync. Now it starts charging already? Subscription? Not a dime from me before btsync wins all my trust! I never thought about backing-up my dropbox folder, because I trust dropbox, and never had any problem with it either. Love it's versioning. My bysync folders? They have been nuked several times because of syncing issue out of blue! For a buggy but convenient software like btsync, people are willing to do the "beta testing" for free. But charging such steep price at this point is suicidal. The beta testing is far from over IMO. There are numerous syncing software in the past that just vanished, and btsync is just a bit better than many of them...
  8. Just want to keep trcak of the changs. Thanks for yuor help.