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  1. The 10 folder limit is a big disappointment. The typical free user will be more frugal with their usage and will not introduce new users to the service (because they don't want to exceed the folder limit). This will probably slow adoption just as legitimacy with mainstream users starts to look like a possibility.
  2. It doesn't work for me. There is no option to remove password from the web ui in either 1.1.82 or 1.2.82 linux x86 running on a Qnap NAS. I am not able to remove the password from either version. I've tried setting the fields to empty values ("login" : "") and removing the fields entirely. I noticed that the contents of the "webui" element in the JSON conf file cannot end with a trailing comma. If you comment the "login" and "password" lines, make sure there is no trailing comma after the preceding "listen" element. (All this should be better documented.) In any case, it doesn't work. It is not possible to remove the web ui password so this looks like a bug. Deleting settings.dat files is a non-starter because it would delete the configuration of the existing sync folders. Also, it would be good to know where the configuration values are stored in Windows.