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  1. Hello ! I got the answer from BT support (thank you Emmet !). Here is the method for BTSync 2 Pro. 1/ link your 2 PCs in disconnected mode (this is the trick !) 2/ add the folder in the first PC 3/ after a while the folder will appear on the second PC, but as disconnected (doted lines) 4/ connect the folder on the second PC by clicking on the "Connect" button (it appears when your mouse hovers over the folder) 5/ change the save location with the path of the existing folder. Be carefull : you will likely have to delete the end of the path, which is filled automatically 6/ click on the "Connect" button; a warning message will appear : " Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" 7/ click OK 8/ Done
  2. This issue has been discussed here very recently. Make a search
  3. Hello, the BT team ! Nobody to answer ? This seems to be a real bug, isn't it ? Best regards. md
  4. I have 2 identical folders on my 2 PC (both Windows 7 ). In fact these 2 folders werre synced with BTSync 1.4. When I try to sync these 2 folders with BTSync 2.0 I get a warning message "target folder is not empty and files could be overwritten. Add still ?", which is fine. However, when I click OK the same message comes again, and again... So it's impossible to sync 2 existing files with BTSyc 2.0 (free version). Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks
  5. Hi ! When I upgraded to V2.0 version I accepted a free trial of Pro version, but I did not buy it when the trial ended. I own to devices (1 desktop and on laptop) which are both linked to my new identity (I can see them on both devices). BTSync Help Center says : "When you’ve linked your devices to one identity, each and every folder added to Sync on one device will automatically be available on all the other devices. Just add a folder on the laptop - and shortly it’ll appear on the desktop and your mobile phone/tablet. You don’t have to take any action other than just adding a folder to Sync on one of the devices, in other words, no sending links or scanning QR codes is required." However, when I add folders in BTSync on one device it never appears nor synchronize on the other device. I suspect this is because I use the free version. Is that true ? In that case, how to start syncing a folder ? Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you for your very clear explanation
  7. Thank you GreatMarko. Any explanation to my first question ?
  8. Hi ! Could someone explain the meaning of the dot at the beginning of a line in SyncIgnore ? For example : .DS_Store ._* What's the difference with : DS_Store _* More generally, it would be nice to have a small guide or tuto about "how to use .SynIgnore". Thanks
  9. Thanks ! Do you have any idea of when it will be implemented ?
  10. Problem comes likkely from the One-way Sync (read only). I had similar problems and I got an answer from BTSync support. See here : In a nushell : read only sync is useless as it is now.
  11. Finaly I asked BTSync support and I got answer : Sync support team (SyncApp by BitTorrent, Inc.) Dec 26 02:22 Hi! This is a current behaviour of BTSync. We are planning to improve it in the future versions. Thanks!
  12. Hi Casacota; I don'y see this option. Where can I find it ? Thank you Trebion. Your explanation helps to understand. Yes; I am expencting exactly the same thing as you.