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  1. I'm thinking of using BitTorrent Sync to receive sensitive data from clients & distribute sensitive reports. One concern I have is that there seem to be a lot of updates to BitTorrent Sync, and automatic updating does not work. Most of the time I end up going to the BitTorrent Sync web site to download the latest version. I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit. Am I doing something wrong? My clients are not sophisticated computer users, and they're busy taking care of patients, and I don't want them getting messages saying there's a new version of BitTorrent Sync every week that they need to install. Yet, if I tell them to uncheck the Preferences box for "Check for updates automatically," most of them would never update the software again and I'm assuming that at some point that would become a problem. Any ideas?
  2. this is a a concern of mine as well. I'm thinking of using BitTorrent Sync to distribute files to clients without them having to log in to a server and thus saving me the trouble of user names and passwords. At the same time, I did not want to simply e-mail people their folder passwords. I do that to share family photos & movies, but not client data! Sending it by fax or US postal service would force them to type it in from a sheet of paper, which most of them would find troublesome. but that's the route I'm headed towards. I am testing out MerceanCoconut's suggestion for 1ty.me. Any other ideas or suggestions?
  3. In the United States, the HIPPA law prohibits the exposure of privileged healthcare information. Currently, online IT vendors rely on secure web site servers into which clients log in to upload and receive data. I was wondering if I could replace this process using BitTorrent sync. In my company's application, users send to our server data, and our server generates reports the user then accesses. If I could get users to place the data into source folders on their PCs with destination folders on my company's server and then place my company's output reports into source folders on my company server with destination folders on my clients' PCs, I think it would be a cheap replacement for all of the hassle of the web interface for logging in, submitting data and retrieving data. One issue is making sure the company meets HIPPA requirements. Where can I learn more about how secure a BitTorrent Sync transfer is?