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  1. Was it actually syncing the files? Or just all of the folders? I've been having the latter issue, its deceptive as it will download EVERY folder, but not actually the files. Still very annoying and essentially unusable, but it doesn't actually use any space (less than 1kb for 9400 folders for me). I made a much more long winded topic about it, but I think these earlier reported bugs are probably the same thing.
  2. Ok so this is my desired use case: I have a ~600GB folder of music tracked by my btsync desktop (potentially fully by another server but not yet at this time) What I would like to do, is be able to selectively dowload or remove portions (~40 GB or so) of this music to my ext sdcard on my Galaxy S4 depending on my whims of what I feel like listening to at the time. I've created a read only sync from the device, disabled autosync, and it appears that I can accomplish this basically. I'm trying to understand why exactly ALL of the folders are copied over to device (and displayed in the ON D