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  1. No support here? Fine then I'll just switch to syncthing, who actually do reply promptly!
  2. I'm trying to synch a folder to a new PC. After adding it I get a message on the host that asks me to aprrove the new PC. I accepted it, but the added PC still states pending approval. It's been in this state for hours. How can I fix this?
  3. Thanks, it appears the official guide is wrong then on the part of max_file_size_diff_for_patching. I don't know who to contact, so they can correct it. I've limited the up and down bandwidth to 70mbps, but it takes ages to transfer 7gb of 100.000 of files because of this. It's not even using 1mbps... Would be great if we could have it transfer 100 small files(less than 10mb) by default per second. Another thing that would be great is using compression (optionally). Another thing is that it's quite cpu intensive(10-15%) while synching lot's of files between 2 servers despite the low transfer speed of less than 1mbps.
  4. On which operating systems does it work in real time? which one's don't? The default setting is 1000, so it only does the 4mb block's on files larger than 1000mb... Is there any reason as to why I wouldn't want to set this to 50mb? It looks like it's only syncing one file at a time, is it possible to change this to speed it up? What is the best way to set this up on a lot of systems? Is it possible to make an installer for windows which contains certain preconfigured settings?
  5. I've just started using bittorent synch and have a few questions. I'm using it to share a 2 folders between multiple servers. One folder contains my website and I want this to be synchronized across all servers for redundancy. The other folder contains a huge ammount of data (files for game servers), these should stay insynch in case of an update of the games. 1. I'm having a lot of files and they are being indexed as we speak, does this process happen every time bittorent synch is started/restarted or does it keep some sort of cache? I'm asking this because it's been bussy for about 10 minutes and still got another hour or so to do (despite using an SSD). 2. Are changes to files detected inmediatly and uploaded to the other peers? 3. I see it can detect LAN connections, but can it also detect other servers in a datacenter and use them as LAN(to save on WAN bandwith)? 4. Does it upload the entire files, or only the parts that have changed? 5. Some servers have a 1000mb/s connection, but they don't have this connection with all datacenters duo to transit contracts. This is mostly the case between USA - EU transfers. I assume this works pretty much like bittorent, so I shouldn't have to worry about preferred connection setups to maximize the transfer speeds?