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  1. Due to the fact that btsync is not yet available pre-packaged for CentOS7, I'm loathe to install it as-is on a particular installation. The server I wish to install it on is a file server that also happens to have KVM virtual guests - thus a workaround is to install it on an Ubuntu Guest which then accesses the file server over CIFS. The main problem in my mind is that I don't think CIFS supports inotify properly - but that shouldn't be an issue because nothing other than btsync will be accessing the storage directly. Are there any other pitfalls to doing it this way or other alternatives?
  2. Option to treat a peer as a "preferred metadata intermediary" or to automatically negotiate this in some way. Though it isn't a crazy amount of total data, as you add each device to the network, the "idle" network chatter increases dramatically, causing a concern for Internet users with slow (dialup, diginet, shared), shaped, and/or capped accounts. For example, two locations: Location a: A number of desktops/servers connected to each other via decent Local network but connected to the Internet via an uncapped-but-heavily-shaped 384k Internet service Location b: As above but with high-spee