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  1. The screen never goes to sleep. Whenever I deactivate Sync and reboot the device, the normal behavior is restored. To further test, I wake up the device and let it go to "sleep". I then fired up Sync and the screen never sleeps from that point on. I don't need BetterBatteryStats to see that this app is keeping my device "awake". Keeping the screen on is drainage enough. [bTW, I read the thread that you provided; thanks for the in-depth analysis]
  2. Hello, I installed BitTorrent Sync (as well as BitTorrent) on my Nexus 5 and when they are active, the device never goes to sleep. The auto-sleep feature doesn't seem to have an effect on that. I have to shutdown the apps and restart the device for the power management to kick in. Is anybody else experiencing this? Any solutions? I tried searching these forums but found nothing relating to Android devices. Thanks, Rebel Geek