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  1. same problem here on a Raspberry after having installed the latest stable – 1.4.103 tried with Firefox 36, Chrome Version 41.0.2272.64 beta (64-bit) and Safari on OS X 10.10.2 if it takes so much time to show at least a notice on the page can help... will let you know if/when the web page shows up Added after about two hours: got it now! WOW its exactely the same as the desktop version!! Thanks a lot Bittorrent :-)
  2. Hallo, I'm using BTSync (1.3.94) to keep in sync my development folders between a Mac Mini and a MacBook Air. I leave both systems always on but, to save energy, I let them "sleep" after an hour I do not actively use them. I guess there is a problem in BTSync as it's not able to restart syncing when my systems are going back "to work" after having enetered in sleep mode. In such cases most of the time BTSync crashes when I open it (Open BitTorrent Sync...). Can anybody confirm if there is a workaround or if this is a bug (or a missing feature) that is planned to be added later? Thank
  3. Hi, I am a php developer and work at home on a Mac Mini. When I work at my customers offices I use a MacBook Air. Until now I used Dropbox to keep things in sync, after having upgraded to OSX 10.9 I started facing a number of issues so I am looking for an alternative solution. Actually I am playing with a Raspberry Pi in order to see if I can use it to replace Dropbox to keep my development and documents folders in sync. I have installed BTSync following the instructions at: and left it runn