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  1. I have a linux server that has the source of files I'm sending over to a Mac and after getting the initial transfer of files from the server to the Mac any new files aren't being sent to the Mac. If I create a file on the Mac it heads over to linux though. Both are using the r&w key for the folder. any idea whats going wrong?
  2. Perhaps, but that still doesn't mean that the btsync app isn't indexing multiple shares at the same time. I'd like to see this feature added so that it can index multiple shares at the same time.
  3. What's the best way to do this? I just synced a very large folder, 4TB then removed it. I went and created 4 new secrets on the 4 primary sub-folders on the source server. After indexing was complete on these 4 locations I started to add the secret to the sub-folder on the 1st destination server only to find it start to download all 1TB of files again even though they exist.
  4. It seems that indexing currently only happens on a single share at a time. When adding multiple new shares this would drastically improve speed as now it takes hours/days to sync multiple folders with 100k's of files and TBs of data. Currently, btsync is only using ~15% cpu on an m1.xlarge aws instance.
  5. Have you tried clearing the browser cache? Any other services running on that box? e.g. media server...