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  1. Actually the issue is not with 1.4.83 but rather with the 64-bit builds. One of my PCs went back to 64-bit 1.4.82 and I still get a prompt for the admin credentials to run BTSync.exe /PERFORMINSTALL. Switching this back to the 32-bit version gets rid of this issue, so I guess I could upgrade to 1.4.83 32-bit...
  2. I am running Windows 7 64bit (Home and Pro versions), using standard user accounts for most things. After upgrading from 1.4.82 to 1.4.83, I kept getting prompts for administrator credentials to run BTSync after logging in to my standard user account. I have gone back to 1.4.82 and now the extra prompt in the standard user account is gone again.
  3. Repeating a post I made in another thread, I have a similar issue. My setup is 2 desktops, 1 notebook, and a QNAP NAS. The desktops were set up with BTSync first and sync with the NAS; this seems to work fine. When I try to add the notebook to the mix, it cannot see any of the existing sync folders, BUT if I create a new folder pair between the notebook and NAS that (and only that) works. I cannot figure out how to get the notebook to sync the existing shared folders with the NAS.
  4. I have run into the same problem. I have two desktops syncing with a QNAP TS-112 NAS; everything seems to be working fine with those machines (BTW one is running Win7, the other is still on XP). When I tried to add a Win7 notebook to sync with the NAS, I get the "no connected devices" message in the client and I cannot sync any of my existing shared folders. I can create a new folder pair between the notebook and the NAS, but I cannot sync any of my existing shares with the notebook. This is with the latest 1.2.82 client.