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  1. I created a link to share a folder, deselecting the option that peers I invite must be approved on this device. The other person used the link, and received a message that the "Sender needs to approve access to this folder based on these identity details". My bittorrent sync window isn't showing me anything to indicate that someone is waiting on approval. I've never shared a folder via a link before (always just used keys directly on previous versions), so I have no idea how the program is supposed to prompt me for approval, and I can't find any documentation indicating how this prompt would be provided. So there seem to be two problems here: 1. Even though I said the link doesn't require approval, they are being told that it does. 2. I don't have any way to approve it. What's going on here? How do I fix this? Thanks.
  2. When I sync to a read-only secret on Android, it transfers files for a little while, and then stops transferring. From what I can tell, the read-only aspect is causing bittorrent sync to lock or otherwise eliminate write permissions for the folder, and then it gets confused and even the sync program can't write to the folder. Restarting the device causes it to start working again for a little while. I have also tried manually copying over the files ahead of time, and then marking it as read-only. Even though the files are already present, and all that needs to happen is indexing, this causes similar problems. Full write access secrets appear to be working. So, consider this a warning to others that read-only on Android doesn't seem to be ready for prime-time.
  3. I found some other places in the forum where people said they tried it, and got an error message saying that you can't sync a subfolder of one that's already being synced. But when I try it, it *appears* to work -- no errors reported. Does the lack of error message mean that the feature has been added to bittorrent sync, or does it mean that if I try it, I'm going to get really strange behavior quirks?
  4. Is it possible to have a sync folder with a secret key, and then another subdirectory within that folder with its own separate secret key (to share the subdirectory with one set of devices, while the overall folder is shared with other devices)? My guess is that it is possible, but you need to be careful to put the correct things in the syncignore file for the outer directory. Can anyone provide directions on how to do this properly? Thanks, Mark