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  1. Lack of one way only is an issue - also if you've synced a directory on the phone and computer (but not automatically) and you click on a file - it starts to download to the phone - there seems to be no way to stop or pause this... so if you accidentally clicked on a 1 GB file on your PC for example... On the phone, there are several image directories (Android) - ie DCIM, Snapfish etc.. ie different Apps store images in different areas. The only way to replicate this on the PC is a bunch of different syncs. Would be better if you could specify on the source a range of directories and on the destination the same range would appear but all within a common base directory. Finally, to use this with the phone is FANTASTIC - except there is no way I can find to limit such updates to when you are on WIFI ONLY - with the size of today's photos, used on 3G this would rapidly use up most people's allowance.