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  1. Hi, the peer (Windows XP) should send a request to the host (Windows 7), which initiated the request. However, the request for approval apparently is never received. Any hints? Thanks,
  2. Don't know where to turn on the debug log. But here's a problem description: Our synch performance is rather spotty. Could this be due to the fact that we are running computers in different time zones? I tried to recreate it by setting up two laptops. Synch works fine both ways. Then shift one laptop's time settings by 7h. No more synch either way. Then shift back on laptop's time so it's within 60s of the other. Still no synchs. The latter part baffles me. Any thoughts?
  3. Great tool! We are doing humanitarian work worldwide. We are now using BTsynch to maintain the files of the 3-4 laptops in the remote location. As a result, no data is anywhere in a Cloud. If worst comes to worst, we can grab any laptop and have all data with us. In addition, we are also synching several computers at the home base. This works so-so, but is considerable less reliable. Could this be because home base is in a different time zone? Can anyone explain (better) the "synch_max_time_diff" settings to me? We use the default of 600s. What happens if one of the laptops is off b