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  1. Thanks for the reply Marko, and thanks for all your efforts at community management on these boards, whenever I was stuck it was generally your posts that got me going. The memory usage on the NAS, causing btsync to quit, is currently stopping me from going any further with this, I will take another look when btsync exits Alpha. Happy new year, excited to see this product evolve in 2014.
  2. I've spent about a week playing with Sync, and its almost perfect, there are 2 things that hold it back for me right now: 1) Memory usage grows with the number of files of being being tracked. This makes it a hog on my desktop machines, and makes it quit on my little ARM NAS (GoFlex) 2) Multiple locations on one machine for the same Secret, e.g. an internal drive, and a removable external drive, when you plug the external in, it syncs with the internal. There are couple more nice to haves too: 3) Subdirectory shares, being able to share part of larger sync, this is where DropBox is very useful, but a read only sub-share in Sync would be excellent. 4) Encrypted stores - the ability to setup a share that doesn't decrypt the files. Right now, I've limited Sync to smaller file sets, that really DropBox or SkyDrive were doing an okay job of. Keep up the good work!