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  1. Sorry hawibtsync, I wasn't hijacking your thread. Thought we had the same symptoms : vps crashing, sync pending forever , large sum of files etc. I'll leave this thread then but my intention was not hijacking anyone's thread...
  2. Yes, it's a .SyncArchive folder. Are there other logs from btsync that I', unaware of? It is indeed an HTTP access.log. But how come is keeping revisions when I configured btsync to keep revisions for files below 6MB?
  3. Here is my log screenshot : In a Backupsy vps of 500GB, syncing a 70GB , logs ate about 380GB to the point of running without free space. Deleting logs and in a few days back to full utilization of hdd space. Temporary fix is to schedule a cron job to delete log files every 5 min. Surely there's a bug here. Regarding Backupsy and ram: # free -mt total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 495 451 44 0 25 343 -/+ buffers/cache: 81 414 Swap: 87 18 69 Total: 583 469 114 The full almost memory is due to caching on RAM instead of the hdd. That's perfectly fine because running htop which shows the actual RAM usage without caching , is about 90MB including the usage due to Seafile server.
  4. Can you do a "df -h" command from ssh? Running mine on a vps and logs eat the hdd space. Want to check whether you have similar issues.
  5. post removed due to different issues...