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  1. Hallo to all the community. I'm a newbie. I live in Venice and I use BT Sync on my macs. I have a problem when I use word and excel and sync is ON. When I save the file (for example a word file) and close it and the reopen, it didn't have the last changes. I explain. I have 2 macs. The laptop (Mountain Lion) is the master, iMac (Mavericks) is the slave (folders and file read only - Laptop --> iMac). I work only on my laptop. The problem happened 3 times for different file and only with BTsync syncing. I'm working on a word file, sync ON, and I save it several time (autosave every 5 min + file backup on the same folder). At 9:40 I saved for the last time the file and saved as PDF. I close it and a went to the folder to open the pdf: it disappeared! I noticed that the word file was saved, for the last time, at 8:56 but I saved it at 9:40. I noticed that the file saved at 8:56 is the same in the iMac folder. I have lost all the changes done and I need to make all the changes from the original file. I don't understand why. I'm using 1.2.82 version for OSx. Thanks. Roberto