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  1. I am using an iPad 3 with iOS 7 and BitTorrent Sync 1.2.42. I've synced about 3 GB worth of data. Mostly Folders with PDF's and Spreadsheets. My dilemma is that I cannot open any of the files listed locally on my iPad. I tap the "+" button to the right of my folder title, tap the "On My iPad" icon, tap what should be the local version of my folder structure, there are a couple of sub folders to go through before I can get to an actual file, but I get to a file and can see the file, it doesn't have the green check box like the synced folder does and cannot be accessed, tapping on the file do
  2. Well, I suppose I will just have to wait on a response from someone using iOS 7....thanks for the response polocanada.
  3. I have an iPad 3 running iOS 7.02, I've downloaded the sync app, installed and connected my folder successfully. Questions I have could be included in Manual under mobile section. Silly question: where are the offline files accessed from? I cannot find a place to access them offline using the iPad. I also have a Samsung Galaxy SIII that clearly asks for a destination folder for the offline files. Android is working great offline, iPad not so much. How can I get to my offline files on my iPad 3?