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  1. So, I want resilio to run as my normal user, so that it doesn't stumble when files with strange permission changes happen. I think I've managed to set up the systemd stuff, but now resilio asks me to set up all the folders and the identity again. It doesn't seem to help if I copy /var/lib/resilio-sync over to /home/my_user_name/.config/resilio-sync/storage and then change "storage_path" /home/my_user_name/.config/resilio-sync/config.json accordingly I had assumed that these storage folders would work the same way
  2. I can reproduce the crash on demand if it helps.
  3. Hi! We have an office network with one server that has an open port to the internet. I'm trying to share folders with external partners by logging into the our server, using the browser, and generating links there. What happens often, but not always, is that I get the message to approve the peer on the server, but when it's approved, little else happens. The peer is listed as 'Disconnected', I can not click it, unlike other disconnected peers, and the number of peers (total) does not include the peer. Our partner says that the folder still claims to be 'Pending Approval'. The folder has 'Use tracker server' and 'Use relay server when required' checked on our server. It's using sync 2.2.5, because 2.3 just crashes, as I've tried to convey here: The external partner of course rushes to suggest other technologies, and I find it very hard to keep pushing to use Bittorrent Sync, (which I very much would like to). Please help.
  4. I'm seeing straight crashes on linux with the i386 build as well: Could this be related?
  5. We're getting crashes after about 1 min. of operation with 2.3.1 (Linux, i386) on a 32-bit machine, so we had to roll back. There's no relevant messages in the log, except there seems to be an access violation on the c-side (invalid pointer or array or something). EDIT:
  6. If I could support a kickstarter type of campaign for opening the source, I'd virtually be throwing money after you, knowing that I'd be solving one of real problems of the internet still around. Please please please! I love this product so much, but I can't ignore the closed source, it really matters, as you can imagine.