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  1. Understood, BUT wouldn't it a good way together with "dir_whitelist" to have some system security ... and not difficult to implement I think ... Regards crest
  2. Hi, I'm using 1.4.83 on FreeBSD 9.2 and 9.3 (NAS4Free). If I use "directory_root" in a config file it works in principle BUT nevertheless it is possible to define a path starting from "/" e.g.: directory_root = /mnt/DATA -> if I want to add a new folder then it correctly displays "/mnt/DATA" but it is possible to overrule this if you enter a path in the inputbox! IMHO the implementation should remove leading slashes "/" so that it would be only possible to create a new folder starting from the directory_root = /mnt/DATA. Regards crest
  3. Hi, https now works on FreeBSD =>, great work!!! Regards crest
  4. It's possible to show a user defined name for other clients if you use "device_name" in sync.conf (see also => Do you see any problems to do this? Regards crest
  5. create a config file and write a new password in this file, this should overrule the current password (you must restart btsync with the option --config YourSyncFile.conf. Works at least up to version 1.3xxx. Regards crest
  6. Wirh the actual version 1.4.83 https is working !!! Great work, thank you guys! Regards crest
  7. Hi all! I'm on FreeBSD 9.2 / 9.3 (NAS4Free) and tried to get https access to the WebUI running. Configured a sync.conf file accordingly but until now - no success. When I try "https://MyLocalIP:8888/gui/" the browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) always shows loading but didn't finish to the WebUI. With http everthing is working. My sync.conf: { "storage_path": "/Path/To/btsync/.sync/", "pid_file": "/Path/To/btsync/.sync/", "webui": { "listen": "MyLocalIP:8888", "force_https" : true, "ssl_certificate" : "/Path/To/btsync/keys/cert.pem", "ssl_private_key
  8. Bittorrent Sync is running perfectly well on NAS4Free (FreeBSD 9.1 and 9.2). I wrote an extension for it > For installation, configuration, maintenance, scheduling and log viewing. A great advance would be https for the WebUI but beside of this it's an amazing piece of software !!! Regard crest
  9. Great, can't await this. Can we suppose that the Linux / FreeBSD versions will auto update or is this only for Windows possible?
  10. First of all thank you for this GREAT app!! I use BTSync mainly as a backup solution with Windows and Android clients which are backuped to my NAS (NAS4FREE) but also to sync folders between two NAS4FREE (FreeBSD based) servers. Since this is a wishlist I would really appreciate to see the following features implemented in BTS: https access for the builtin webserver!!! ++1advanced settings implemented in the webGUI (like in the windows client) because the use of a config file (can) interferes sometimes with the options which are configurable via the webGUI -> webGUI overrides the config