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  1. Kos13, you can add the Seagate Goflex Nas to the list of supported devices. As a linux-noob, I spend quite some time in figuring out how to make it work. A step by step guide: 1. Download Putty and connect to the nas by using the NAS' ip. 2. Login with the following username (leave out the brackets): [ADMIN_ACCOUNT_NAME]_hipserv2_seagateplug_XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA@[NAS_IP] [ADMIN_ACCOUNT_NAME] = the admin account of the NAS. Whilst setting up the Seagate Goflex you had to make an admin account. Use the name of this account. XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA = the product key of you NAS. You can find it at the bottom of your NAS device. Use CAPITALS! [NAS_IP] = the ip address of your NAS. You can find it at the Seagate Dashboard or your router. Example username: president_hipserv2_seagateplug_QWER-ASDF-ZXCV-ERTY@ For the password, use the password that belongs to the admin account. 3. Gain root access. You need this to install software and create files on you Seagate Goflex NAS. sudo -E -sThe prompt will show that the connection is refused, but it is lying . 4. Create a directory for the bittorrent sync software and go to this directory: mkdir ~/.btsync && cd ~/.btsync5. Download and unpack the software: wget http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/btsync_arm.tar.gztar xvfz btsync_arm.tar.gz6. Go to the directory and run the bittorent sync software: cd ~/.btsyncsudo ./btsyncThe prompt will show you something like this (your pid will be different): BitTorrent Sync forked to background. pid = 30037. Navigate with your webbrowser to: [NAS]_IP:8888 Congratulations! You can configure Bittorent Sync. When the power of your NAS fails, the Seagate Goflex will have to reboot. Unfortunately, Bittorrent Sync does not auto-start. You can make Bittorrent Sync automatically start up by following the next steps in the Putty terminal: 8.Create a script that you can call whilst booting: vi /etc/init.d/btsync9. In this script, write the following lines: #! /bin/sh# /etc/init.d/btsync## Carry out specific functions when asked to by the systemcase "$1" instart) /USERACCOUNT/.btsync/btsync --config /USERACCOUNT/.btsync/btsync.conf ;;stop) killall btsync ;;*) echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/btsync {start|stop}" exit 1 ;;esacexit 0Press the escape button. Type : and then x to save the file. 10. To allow the script to be called during startup, proper rights have to be assigned to it: chmod 755 /etc/init.d/btsync11. Add the script to the startup list: /sbin/chkconfig --add btsync/sbin/chkconfig --levels 2345 btsync on12. Reboot the NAS to see if it works after a restart. You can restart under preferences at the Seagate Share utility. Ofcourse, you can also just turn off the device and turn it on again.