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  1. Kos13, you can add the Seagate Goflex Nas to the list of supported devices. As a linux-noob, I spend quite some time in figuring out how to make it work. A step by step guide: 1. Download Putty and connect to the nas by using the NAS' ip. 2. Login with the following username (leave out the brackets): [ADMIN_ACCOUNT_NAME]_hipserv2_seagateplug_XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA@[NAS_IP] [ADMIN_ACCOUNT_NAME] = the admin account of the NAS. Whilst setting up the Seagate Goflex you had to make an admin account. Use the name of this account. XXXX-YYYY-ZZZZ-AAAA = the product key of you NAS. You can find it at